Osteoarthritis can be seen as a reason to avoid exercise. However a great infographic from the Institute of Bone and Joint Research shows that even if walking and doing some exercise may hurt the answer is not to avoid those activities as they are both important.

an infographic showing the benefits of exercising with osteoarthritis


Doing some exercise is one of the best ways to support yourself to live with osteoarthritis whatever your age or level of fitness. Regular exercise that keeps you active, builds up muscle and strengthens the joints usually helps to improve symptoms. For example there is evidence that for those with osteoarthritis in the knee then strengthening the muscle in the front of the upper leg can lead to improvements in pain and function.

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Osteoarthritis in the knee and exercise.

Exercise can play a vital role in managing osteoarthritis.  People are often fearful of exercising the affected joint in case it causes further pain and damage yet this review of studies done on exercise programmes states  "People with OA should be reassured that it is unlikely to exacerbate their pain if performed using the appropriate methods and at the appropriate dose."

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According to the findings of a study from the University of Dundee, published in the journal Age and Ageing, the most powerful 'deterrent' among the over-65s is a lack of interest, and disbelief that exercise can enhance and/or lengthen life. Yet one study on 90-year-old women in a nursing home found that 12 weeks of strength training took the equivalent of 20 years off their thigh muscle age, resulting in improved walking and mobility.
The message about physical activity isn’t working.

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Core Pilates

Firstly a mild correction, I was slightly misleading on Friday apparently it wasn't a Fitness Pilates class it was Core Pilates. It was stated as Core Pilates on the timetable but there was no accompanying link to the class definition (which there usually is). When I rang up to book the lady said oh you mean Fitness Pilates so I presumed the timetable had an error in it.

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Trying new things: Out of my comfort zone

I am an advocate of finding the exercise that works for you, it may be running, lifting, swimming, cycling, circuits, chair based. Whatever gets you moving is what works. If possible throw in some mobility and stretching but if you are moving it's all good.

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