Healthy tips : 10 small changes to help your health.

I understand that not everyone has the desire to make big changes to their lives, that a glass of wine with supper is one of life's small pleasures and you may not want to run a 5k. However here are some easy ways to be healthy.

10 tips to help be healthy

1) Have a fruit bowl in plain sight. Fill it with fruit you actually enjoy eating. Eat as much as you want.

Healthy, delicious tasting fruit
Healthy, delicious tasting fruit

2) Walk (are you bored with me saying that word yet?)

3) Go to bed just 10 minutes earlier.

4) Have a glass of water next to your glass of wine on the supper table.

5) Add green stuff to your sandwich. I say green stuff as there are so many sort of lettuce variants out there to say "I don't like lettuce" just doesn't cut the mustard.

6) Add actual tomatoes to your tomato based sauces. Sure buy a jar of Dolmio but chop up and add 5 real tomatoes to it.

7) Don't buy flavoured yogurt. Seriously, in most cases it's evil* and laden with sweetners. Buy natural yogurt (greek is even better) and add fruit yourself.(Most supermarkets do cheap fruit in the frozen section) .If you do like it a little sweeter then try drizzling some honey on it.

9) Try to incorporate some resistance exercises into your daily routine. Ok this isn't little but the impact it can have is HUGE so I just thought I would try and sneak it in. Try doing some sit to stand exercises during adverts.

10) Smile, German researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, found that smiley, happy people were more attractive and had a more youthful appearance than their solemn counterparts.

*of course flavoured yogurt isn't really evil but you can make much nicer tasting versions yourself with nothing but goodness added.

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