Think you are too old to lift weights?

I LOVE this, more proof it's never to late to change your health, to become a stronger you.

Full article here

Badass 63-Year-Old Woman Powerlifter Takes Home Gold at First Competition

Why it's never too late to pick up a weight

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2 thoughts on “Think you are too old to lift weights?

  1. Everyone has to start somewhere, it's whether you continue using beans or push yourself to increase the weight....

    I would also challenge the articles assertion that "Of course, you need the money and the means to make things like personal trainers and health club memberships happen". No you don't you just need to mental fortitude to start doing exercise and then making it part of your routine.

    I can't find her bench press weight but can find a photo of her deadlifting 209lbs which is about 95Kg.


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