I am biased but regular exercises, which include strength and balance, are the number one thing you can to do for falls prevention. However it's not the only thing   Make sure your home is hazard-free and well lit Organise your things so that you are not at risk of tripping or falling. Light up ...continue reading

In the new UK consensus statement on physical activity and exercise for osteoporosis which was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. "inactivity should be avoided, physical activity encouraged" I can't emphasise enough how important this statement is, there are very few health conditions where exercise is not a good thing but in the ...continue reading

I wanted to share this description of people walking which I had never thought of before! "Walking involves all the joints of the lower limb and is characterised by an ‘inverted pendulum’ motion, in which the body vaults over the non-moving limb."   That makes it sound very impressive (and quite complicated, which it isn't)! Strike the ...continue reading