What do YOU want to change?

So it's the New Year and I'm a personal trainer so I'm going to talk all about resolutions and eating healthy and moving more. Nope. You get that in my blog the rest of the year.

I'm not against resolutions, I wrote about them last year

However here is what I want to say to you now.

Unless you are really ready to start something the date isn't going to make a difference. It doesn't matter if your mother, father, sister, brother, children, best friend or dog want you to lose weight, do more physical activity or just eat healthier. Unless you want to do it you will probably fail.

time for change

Well that's not very motivational is it? So how do you succeed?

By making goals that are important to you.

Having a supportive network such as those people listed above is very helpful when you decide to change your life and can be key in helping you achieve your goal. However as an adult you have to decide what is important and relevant to you. If the goal is something that is important to you then you are more likely to succeed.

So go ahead and make those resolutions and plan those goals but make sure you are the one driving the change.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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