Quick tips to help lead a healthy life. Day 2 of Self Care Week.

Today's tips are all about planning ahead.

Exercise: Book your exercise session into your diary. Instead of waking up and vaguely planning to do some exercise pencil in 10/20/30 minute slots into your diary.  By making exercise part of your daily schedule  it can help prevent and reduce the effects of stress.

Eating: Menu Plan. This will help ensure you get your weekly requirement of fruit, vegetables and dairy. It also cuts down on impulse buying and therefore impulsive eating! For some great recipes and ideas try the NHS 5 a day meal planner.

Mental wellbeing:  Go outside every day, this will not only help you get your vitamin D dosage but fresh air and sunlight will lift your mood. Great activities to do outside are walking (thus covering the exercise angle!) or gardening.

For more details of NHS Self Care Week 2011 and information to help make healthy lifestyle choices please visit NHS Choices.

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