3 Tips to lead a healthier life

Currently in the middle of writing an article on chair based exercises, in the meantime here are some more healthy living tips you might like to implement.

Exercise: Stand up straight. Yes this is an exercise but hopefully with a bit of practice it should become second nature. Standing up straight involves adopting the posture called neutral spine. If you think about your pelvis as a bucket you can tip it both ways and many people  have their spine in one of these two positions, tucked or tilted. To be in neutral spine, you want to be in between these positions.  You need to think of relaxing your shoulders down and back and there should be a  plumb line between ears, shoulders, hips and ankles. By adopting neutral spine you can help avoid back problems.

Eating: Ensure you get your five a day. I know everyone knows this by heart but did you know  it doesn't necessarily need to be fresh? Frozen, dried, tinned (try to buy the ones without added sugar), stewed and juiced (but only the first glass) all count towards your 5 a day. Potatoes don't count at all. Have a look at the NHS site 5 a day, what counts? and find out what counts as a portion of fruit or veg here at 5 a day portion sizes.

Mental wellbeing:  Keep in touch with friends and loved ones. It's so much easier now to keep in touch with people - email, skype, text and phone to name just a few. Devoting time to maintaining friendships can benefit us and those we care about.

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