How to stop sitting down.

If so then here's a great tip from one of the ladies who attends my Friday class. Set your alarm for every 30/45 minutes but, and this is the important bit, make sure you leave the alarm in another room so you can't just stretch over and push the off button.

Don't forget to take a break!
Don't forget to take a break!

According to research donesitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. Furthermore the results were independent of any individual physical exercise undertaken. So even if you think you are an active person if you still spend long periods of time sitting you are still at risk.

When you get up to turn the alarm off you might also want to practice 2 quick exercises for improving your posture and releasing the tension in your body.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. If you would like any questions about health or fitness answered please leave a comment below.

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