Newell Centre Class Testimonial

June has been coming to the strength and balance exercise classes for a couple of years now, both before Covid when it was at the Swanfield Centre and since we have reopened at the Newell Centre.

Name: June Hawkins

What made you decide to look for a strength and balance exercise class? *

Help with mobility and strengthen muscles.

What were you most concerned about before you started? *

My balance

What health and fitness changes have you noticed since starting? Are any activities easier now? *

Exercises seemed easier to complete over time, noticed some movements were easier to complete

What specific feature do you like most about the class? *

The instructor - Helen’s care and attention to detail with all of us in the class

Would you recommend this class? If so, why? *

Yes - benefits people and build confidence

Is there any other feedback you would like to provide me about the class? *

Both my husband and I are amazed at the number of activities we do, the planning and care that is put into it by Helen.