Strength and Balance Class Testimonial 3

Christabel attends the 10:30am Strength and Balance class at the Newell Centre.

"I have only been in the class since January 4th 2022, but I have noticed a great improvement in my ability to get down on to the floor, (which I have to do to access my freezer!) and to get up and down more easily when gardening. My balance is improving.  I enjoy the class, I like the system of IN and OUT!  This makes the brain work, and each exercise is different, and wakes up and uses a different part of the body.  Previous classes I have been to, you remain in one place, and it can be boring.   I would welcome the return of the step up exercise, as this is one I found most worrying, and I need practice.  I hopped on to a log recently while dog walking, and off again, which impressed my daughter! I like the friendly atmosphere of the class, and I think you do a great job."

Since receiving this email the step up has been re-introduced to the class!