Strength and Balance Class Testimonial 1

Richard has been coming to the Newell Centre exercise class since July.

What made you decide to look for a strength and balance exercise class? 

I am 88 and was becoming increasingly aware that sense of balance was deteriorating badly

What were you most concerned about before you started? 

Balance. And loss of strength in both my legs and my upper body

What health and fitness changes have you noticed since starting? Are any activities easier now? 

After several months my sense of balance has improved. And I'm slowly rebuilding strength in my legs

What specific feature do you like most about the class? 

The fact that the exercises are linked closely to normal daily activities - geeting up from a chair, picking up the shopping, lifting up something to put in a cupboard, day to day balance, etc. And it's all geared to my age !

Would you recommend this class? If so, why? 

Strongly recommend it to anyone dealing with the problems of ageing

Is there any other feedback you would like to provide me about the class? 

Helen is an excellent teacher. Always enthused and entertaining