Strength and Balance Personal Training – Ann

Name: Ann Welsh


What made you decide to start personal training with Helen? 
Decline in my mobility and confidence in walking after spending a number of years caring for my husband at home.


What were you most concerned about before you started? 
I was worried about what i was letting myself in for when I first started the group classes and a fear of being pushed beyond my level of comfort or ability. But I really enjoyed the classes up til the first Lockdown. The transition to having Helen come to me at home was very smooth and I found it much easier having 1 to 1 attention. It is completely geared up for me, and my abilities and what I need, which makes it perfect.


What health and fitness changes have you noticed since starting? 
Helen pulls me out of myself and makes me do things I wouldn't do on my own. Physically, I have found that I am more able to rise from sitting position and I can feel that I have more strength in my legs. Also, I have more confidence which helps me keep more active. I look forward to the classes, and afterwards I get a real lift in my spirits and am very glad to be doing it. I have noticed that the classes do help my mental wellbeing considerably.


Is there any feedback you would like to provide me about the sessions? General thoughts about the workouts or where I could improve my service for you. 
The personal training is absolutely brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone in my situation. Helen is obviously able to adapt her training so well to the individual and their needs. She has a lovely positive personality and cheers me up! She always makes me feel that I can do it! I have found that I actually really enjoy having 2 shorter sessions in the week rather than one long session - which has been a positive result of the lockdown! Having 2 sessions keeps me going during the week and gives me something to look forward to. I can't think of anything that can be improved on - Helen is excellent at judging just what I need and changing things when I need it. She gives me lots to work on, but this never feels onerous! One of the best things I have ever done and a positive to have come out of this year.


What specific feature do you like most about personal training? 
The fact that the training is totally geared to my needs and abilities.


Would you recommend this service? If so, why? 
Yes, I would, without reservation! - please see the details above.