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Welcome to the Workout at home page.  I have tried to find something for all abilities and interests so feel free to share if you know someone who has expressed an interest in doing some exercise at home.

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Whole Life Fitness Workout videos

If you don't get enough of me in class then these are all the Whole Life Fitness weekly workouts recorded during the lockdowns, both Youtube and Paper version can be found here along with warm ups and mobilisation videos.

As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos, you need to use common sense. Please don't perform any exercises which you are unsure about or have been told not to do and always do a warm up first.  It is up to you to decide whether an exercise is suitable for you. By performing any exercises, you are performing them at your own risk.If you feel unsteady, dizzy or unwell at any time, please stop and consult a health professional.

Workout Section

Youtube Link
Paper Version


Warm up

Not available

12 minute warm up and mobilisation exercises

Not available

5 seated mobilisation exercises

Weekly Workout 1

Not available

Weekly Workout 2

Not available

Weekly Workout 3

3 balance and 3 strength exercises for you to do.

Weekly Workout 4

Balance exercises

Weekly Workout 5

4 Strength exercises, you will need a resistance band

Weekly Workout 6

Flamingo Swings and Outer Thigh Strengthner

Weekly Workout 7

Tandem walking, wall press, upward reach and clock lunges (and of course sit to stand!).

Weekly Workout 8

20 minute sessions with endurance, balance and strength. 

Weekly workout 9 (outside)

Outside Workout

Weekly workout 10

20 minute circuit session

Weekly workout 11

10 minute seated circulation booster

Weekly workout 12

Workout 12 Circuit can be done steated or standing

Weekly Workout 13

Upper Reach and Upper Back 

Weekly Workout 14


Weekly Workout 15


Weekly Workout 16

Seated Endurance and Strength

Weekly Workout 17

10 minute endurance session to help with your aerobic fitness and stamina

Weekly Workout 18

10 minute strength session to help with your muscular strength and endurance

Weekly Workout 19

13 minute strength session to help with your muscular strength and endurance

Weekly Workout 20

10 minute session to help with endurance and stamina

Weekly Workout 21

10 minute session to help with balance

Weekly Workout 22

10 minute circulation and endurance session

Weekly Workout 23

30 minute session, strength, balance and endurance

Weekly Workout 24

Seated Upper Body Workout

5 minute movement!

5 minute Move More Movement Session

Bird Dog
Demonstration of the Box Balance/Bird Dog exercise great for core stability

Ankle Strength

Ankle Strength exercise

10 minute seated circulation booster

Not available

10 minutes seated exercises
Endurance Session 1

10 minute endurance session

Endurance Session 2

10 minute endurance session

10 minute seated circulation booster

Not available 

10 minutes seated exercises


Not available 

5 minute Stretch Session

Sit To Stand Progressions 

Not available

3 sit to stand progressions

Jockey Lift

Not available

If you are unable to do the sit to stand yet.

Wall Press Progression 

The material contained in these workouts is provided for information and educational purposes only. It is not advice and should not be relied on as such. Please always consult an exercise or health professional if you have any health issues and need personalised advice.