Personal Training and Classes

Whole Life Fitness offers personal training sessions and classes that will be individually tailored to best suit your needs, goals and time constraints. It is important to ensure that exercise is done properly and does not cause injury, this is particularly relevant in cases where the body faces additional challenges.  For more information about any of these options please call Helen on 07785 747669

One-to-one Personal Training

Either 30 minutes or an hour long session tailored to your requirements. The session will be outside.  The goal is to make each session safe and effective. Helen is able to work with older adults with a range of medical conditions including stroke, lower back pain and falls prevention.

Steady Steps (currently suspended due to Covid-19)

6o minute Strength and Balance Class. If you are feeling unsteady on your feet then this is the class for you.

Each class includes:

    • Balance so that you feel more steady on your feet
    • Strengthening through targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities
    • Fitness which will increase your energy to keep doing the things that are important to you
    • Mobility so that you feel less stiff and move more easily
    • Refreshments at the end

Held weekly on a Wednesday 10am at St Michaels Hall in Summersdale. £5 a class.  Please contact Helen before attending the class.

Falls Prevention Classes

(currently suspended due to Covid-19)

Delivered on behalf of Everyone Active. These classes concentrate on improving your strength, balance and co-ordination.

Better Balance Training

(currently suspended due to Covid-19)

This follows the evidence based Otago programme and is a set of leg muscle strengthening and balance retraining exercises designed specifically to prevent falls. It is individually prescribed and delivered at home.

Group Training

(currently suspended due to Covid-19)

This is the same as the one-to-one but in a group! If you prefer to train with a friend who has similar goals or are looking for a more cost effective solution then this could be the answer. I will train up to 3 people at a time in someones home. This method can also provide additional motivation from your exercise friends during the week. This is only available in an hour long session.

One-to-one Aqua Class

(currently suspended due to Covid-19)

Either 30 minutes or an hour long session tailored to your requirements. This session will take place in a pool (provided by you). The goal is to make each session safe, fun and effective. If you would like me to provide a group aqua class please contact me for prices.

Additional notes

  • A free 30 minute health assessment is mandatory for all new clients. Certain medical conditions may require a doctor’s letter.
  • One on one and small group personal training require a 24-hour cancellation period or full session charge will incur.
  • Fees payable in advance in either cash or cheque. It is not possible at this time to accept cards.