One to One Personal Training

Whole Life Fitness offers one to one personal training sessions that are individually tailored to best suit your needs, goals and time constraints at either your house or online. Session length will be specific to an individual but most sessions will include

  • Balance so that you feel more steady on your feet
  • Strengthening through targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities
  • Fitness which will increase your energy to keep doing the things that are important to you
  • Mobility so that you feel less stiff and move more easily

To enable me to design a package that works for you we start with a free consultation. The consultation places you under no obligation and during this time we discuss your 

  • medical history - to ensure I am suitable for your needs, there are no contra-indications to exercise and any tailoring of exercise that might be required
  • what you are hoping to achieve
  • preferences - such as sessions at home or over zoom

It also gives you a chance to meet me in person before committing.

After gathering all the information I will email you with how I can help, a monthly price and what that includes. You can then decide if it is something you would like to proceed with. 

It is important to ensure that exercise is done properly and does not cause injury, this is particularly relevant in cases where the body faces additional challenges.  Prices start from £300 a month. To book your first free consultation please call Helen on 07785 747669

Feedback from 1:1 Personal Training


I hold a class every Tuesday morning 10:30am at the Newell Centre for those who are feeling unsteady on their feet. The class is circuit based with up to 15 different exercise stations around the room. Each of the exercise stations will be based on a task we might need to do during a normal day such as carrying the shopping, walking on uneven pavements, or climbing stairs. There are many benefits to this type of format and it will enable floor work to be done - please don't gasp in horror and vow never to come to a class, I never force someone to get down onto the floor as there are lots of other exercises that can be done instead. However a lot of the more serious injuries with a fall occur after what is called a long lie - when someone has been on the floor for more than an hour. Practicising getting up and down from the floor in a safe environment (with cushions!) can be very helpful.

Find out how the exercise class helped Richard improve his strength and balance

I thought it might be useful to answer some of the most common questions asked before a class.

What should I wear to the class?  You need to wear clothes that you are comfortable exercising in and some stable shoes (preferably trainers or plimsolls but don’t worry if you don’t have any).

What will I need to bring to my session? Just you and maybe a water bottle.

I find the exercise too difficult and I can’t cope? There is nothing wrong with finding or admitting things are hard. I will try and accurately assess what level you are at, but ultimately nobody knows your body better than you.  If you need to have a bit of extra rest then let me know. If you find something too hard just tell me and I’ll find another variation of the exercise for you.

I have a little muscle soreness the next day This is really, really normal and it does get easier. The soreness the next day is what we know as D.O.M.S or delayed onset muscle soreness. This is your body saying I have not yet fully recovered. As you exercise more regularly your body “learns” how to recover better and you’ll find that quickly you’ll stop hurting very soon. While you do hurt I recommend you try to be as active as possible and drink lots of water.

Classes cost £6 per sesssion and are followed by tea (or coffee!) and biscuits. 

I also run a termly class up at St Michaels Hall on a Wednesday morning  - please call for more details about that class. 

For more information please call 07785 747669 or email

Additional notes

  • Certain medical conditions may require a doctor’s letter.