See what clients, Richard , June, and Christabel say about the strength and balance classes at the Newell Centre.

Wondering about 1:1 personal training? Read how Ann and Beth have found it in the last year. 

The following feedback is from both clients who attend the exercise classes and those who do 1:1 personal training.

  • "Very friendly and I don’t feel bad if I find the exercise too tiring. Helen goes out of her way to provide the right aids to make the exercises more comfortable for me. I am happy that we also do exercises for the strengthening of the upper body."
  • "Balance better, less likely to fall, can now put trousers on without having to hold on to something - similar with shoes."

  • It is fun, and carefully tailored to our individual needs. There is no pressure, and Helen often says, "Challenge yourself, but stay within your comfort zone", which I really appreciate."

  • "Helen is very good at motivating everyone and I am definitely much stronger and my balance is much better."

  • "Everyone’s attitude “I will try to do this” which comes initially from the Instructor, and we do so, however clumsy we are. I find the Instructor very good & understanding of individual’s abilities."

  • "I have given up several physiotherapists or exercise classes in the past, because I became disheartened, or they were painful. This is the most enjoyable class I have been to - I do believe it is helping me, but it is also fun and friendly!"

  • "Taking part in your weekly lessons has encouraged me to do a lot more exercise, as you know when I was first persuaded to come to your lessons (it took a year of persuasion by my friends) I hated exercising, but now I look forward to our class. It's great to see my body returning to a more youthful shape and to be able to run upstairs instead of plodding up, now that I am exercising I have so much more energy"

Class at St Michaels Hall practising upward reach, an exercise which helps improve balance and reduce the risk of falls and fractures. It mimics every day activities such as putting things away in a kitchen cupboard. Participants are encouraged to do a version that suits them (but challenges them as well!)