Improve Your Strength and Balance in Only 12 Weeks

Are you over 70 and looking to improve your balance and increase your strength?

I work with clients at their home or online to help them regain strength, balance and maintain independence. Each session will include

  • Balance so that you feel more steady on your feetA client doing a strength and balance exercise whilst Helen watches
  • Strengthening through targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities
  • Fitness which will increase your energy to keep doing the things that are important to you
  • Mobility so that you feel less stiff and move more easily

Regular exercise makes everyday activities easier, and enables you to feel stronger, healthier and happier.

Contact me to book a free consultation to discuss whether I can help. 

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Read how others have improved their strength, balance and health

⭐ "First, I can now walk up and down stairs normally, not like a small child leading with the same foot each step. Secondly, I can get up and down from chairs using my legs not my arms"  Sophie, 76

🎉"Legs feel firmer when standing, walking is less of a waddle and progression is straighter"  John, 89

🎆 "I have regained confidence not only for walking on my own, but for going up and down stairs" Brian, 91

💗 "Helen was an essential part of my 84 year old mum's rehabilitation, following an unexpected and extended stay in hospital. Mum has never had a PT or been into exercise, other than walking her dog every day, but took to Helen and her persuasive ways very quickly and .. the excellent results speak for themselves."

Helen is an older adult exercise specialist in Chichester, Sussex who is able to work with older adults with a range of medical conditions including stroke, lower back pain, falls prevention and cardiac rehab in both a group exercise or home 1:1 setting to improve their strength and balance.