Would you like to be fit and healthy as you age?

Are you feeling unsteady on your feet?

Would you like to improve your strength and maintain your independence?

Helen Rothwell is an older adult exercise specialist and personal trainer in Chichester, Sussex working with the over 65s to improve their strength and balance. Doesn't matter how old you are exercise can help improve your life and your health.

“If a medication existed which had a similar effect to physical activity, it would be regarded as a wonder drug or a miracle cure.”

      - Sir Liam Donaldson, The former Chief Medical Officer of England

And no, it's not too late, research has shown improvements in balance, strength, gait, muscular power, blood pressure, endurance and bone density as a result of regular physical activity in older age.

So, whether you want to be able to get up from a chair unaided, continue to play a sport, spend time in the garden, travel to new places, keep up with the grandchildren or just walk to the corner shop for the paper without worrying about falling, Whole Life Fitness can help you keep your independence and continue to enjoy your life.


Each class includes:

    • Balance so that you feel more steady on your feet
    • Strengthening through targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities
    • Fitness which will increase your energy to keep doing the things that are important to you
    • Mobility so that you feel less stiff and move more easily
    • Refreshments at the end

For more information about the classes please see here 


"First, I can now walk up and down stairs normally, not like a small child leading with the same foot each step. Secondly, I can get up and down from chairs using my legs not my arms"  S, 76

“I have given up several physiotherapists or exercise classes in the past, because I became disheartened, or they were painful. This is the most enjoyable class I have been to - I do believe it is helping me, but it is also fun and friendly!”  M, 79

Falls Prevention

Find out if you are at risk of falling.