Strength and Balance Exercise Class in Chichester

The strength and balance exercise class has

💪 strength and balance exercises to help strengthen the legs and improve balance

💗🫁 aerobic component for heart and lung health.

Find us

🚶‍♀️ Tuesday 10:30am - Strength and Balance class,  Newell Centre. The cost is £6 per class and it's run as a PAYG basis. There is a free car park.

🎉 Wednesday 9:50am - Strength and Balance class at  Swanfield Centre. The cost is £7 per class and it's run as a PAYG basis. There is a free car park.

🪑Wednesday 10:50am - Strength and Balance class at Swanfield Centre. The cost is £7 per class and it's run as a PAYG basis. There is a free car park.

The Swanfield Centre is the slightly easier option with seated alternatives to all the exercises but please do get in contact if you are not sure which one would be best for you.

Find out how the exercise class helped Richard improve his strength and balance

Here are some frequently asked questions about the strength and balance exercise class.

What should I wear to the class?  You need to wear clothes that you are comfortable exercising in and some stable shoes (preferably trainers or plimsolls but don’t worry if you don’t have any). Layers are a good option.

What will I need to bring to the class? Just yourself and maybe a water bottle as it is important to stay hydrated when exercising. (However there is a kitchen where you can get some water if need be)

I find the exercise too difficult and I can’t cope? That’s absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with finding or admitting things are hard. In the first class I will try and accurately assess what level you are at, but ultimately nobody knows your body better than you.  If you need to have a bit of extra rest then let me know. If you find something too hard just tell me and I’ll find another variation of the exercise for you.

I have a little muscle soreness the next day.  Sometimes after doing something new your muscles might ache a bit. This is really, really normal and it does get easier. The soreness is what we know as D.O.M.S or delayed onset muscle soreness. This is your body saying I have not yet fully recovered. As you exercise more regularly your body “learns” how to recover better and you’ll find that quickly you’ll stop hurting very soon. While you do hurt I recommend you try to be as active as possible and drink lots of water.

Before attending any class please get in contact with Helen

  • Contact Form
  • Call 07785 747669
  • Email

Additional notes

  • Before attending any classes a form will need to be filled out, it allows me to find out if exercise could pose a risk to any participant and also if certain exercises will need to be tailored because of a medical condition.
  • Certain medical conditions may require a doctor’s letter.