Stay Hydrated

It's very important as we age to ensure we stay hydrated, and during the summer months when (if we are lucky!) it gets warmer if is even more important that we drink enough.

Whilst the British Weather is keeping us on our toes by swinging randomly between hot and cold just a reminder that when it is hot and you are exercising (and even if you are not!) you need to keep hydrated. You should drink water before, during and after workouts (or even walks).  Older age is a risk factor for dehydration and older adults have a lowered thirst response (you might not realise you need to drink!). Even mild dehydration adversely affects mental performance, increases feelings of tiredness and increases risk of falls. Drinks such as squash and tea count or you can add slices of lemon/orange/mint/ice to water (not quite the same as a Pimms I do agree).  My favourite method is filling a water bottle at the start of the day and making sure it's empty by evening but also know some who set a timer to remind themselves to drink water (I am sure Alexa/Google Home would oblige with reminders as well)

Water is not just for washing your hands!